Busty Reviews: Bravissimo Bras

Bravissimo bras

When it comes to lingerie, women want one thing: to feel sexy and be beautiful. And here’s the thing about Bravissimo bras: not only do they want you to feel beautiful, they will make you feel that way.

You see, Bravissimo has found a niche in the market that goes beyond the clothing and finds its true home in an excellent customer experience. It has become a company that strives on striving on making their customers happy at every opportunity because their lives are made better just by knowing they exist. Here is my honest (and true) review of some of the Bravissimo bras I have purchased.

About Bravissimo Brand

Bravissimo is a British brand that offers bras in cup sizes DD and up. The company was launched in 1991 and has since grown to include 80 different stores across the UK, Ireland and Poland, as well as an online shop where customers can buy from anywhere in the world. The company not only has a wide selection of plus-size bras, but also sells other types of lingerie such as shapewear, underwear and nightwear. Customers can buy individual pieces or complete sets from Bravissimo bras collections.

Bravissimo Bras

Bravissimo’s goal is to provide women with a supportive bra that fits well and looks great, regardless of their size. This is why they offer such a wide variety of products; by providing options for all shapes and sizes, Bravissimo hopes to give every woman the chance to look her best.

Bravissimo bras are available in both soft-cup and underwire styles. They also come in a range of colors and fabrics (including lace) so you can find something that suits your personal taste.

My Experience with Bravissimo Bras

I’ve been a fan of Bravissimo bras for years—they have the widest selection you’ll find anywhere of larger band sizes, and their products are consistently high quality. have couple of products from them and I am here to tell you all about it. Before starting, you might want to check my last shopping experience for the best plus size bras from amazon.

Bravissimo is a women’s lingerie store that specializes in larger band sizes—up to size 30, but the vast majority of their stock goes all the way up to 40. They also have a huge selection of cup sizes, including DDD. They carry a variety of styles of bras, panties and swimwear.

I’ve tried on several different styles and I’ve been impressed by how well Bravissimo bras made—some of them are as good as my Victoria’s Secret bras in terms of construction quality, but they cost less than half of what I’d normally pay at Victoria’s Secret. Bravissimo bras designs are cute and fun; they come in a wide range of colors and patterns that you don’t usually find with mainstream lingerie (and sometimes at more expensive boutiques).

Bravissimo also has an admirable mission: they want to make women feel good about their bodies. Every woman should wear a bra that she feels attractive in and comfortable in.

Bravissimo Sports Bra Review

I’m a 32DD, and I love sports bras. When I was younger, I didn’t care much about how they looked or felt. In fact, I preferred the super-compression ones because they flattened everything out. As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve realized that a simple bra with no padding and minimal seams can feel amazing on my breasts all day long, whether it’s under a shirt or at the gym. That’s why I love Bravissimos’ sport bras: They’re both practical and beautiful—braver than any other sports bra out there!

Bravissimo bra

Bravissimo bras are made from high-quality fabrics (mine is made from 96% cotton and 4% elastane). The shape is fantastic: It stays put for hours of running (I don’t bounce!), which you definitely can’t say about most sports bras. It has lightly padded cups to give more natural shaping than a compression-style bra. The straps are wide, cushioned, and adjust in the back. The band is firm but comfortable—cups convert to racerback with two rows of hooks so they stay in place while you move. And did I mention how cute they are? Here is our guide for finding the best sports bra for plus size women.

Bravissimo Strapless Bra Review

The last time I tried to go strapless, I spent a good hour in the dressing room with the strap adjuster hooked into my bra at its tightest, praying that the garment would stay up. After wrestling with it for so long, I eventually gave up and decided it would be easier to just wear a regular bra under my dress (which wasn’t true, because it came down to like my rib cage). Months later, when I was thinking about strapless options again (because it is summer), I thought about Bravissimo.com. They’re an online company based here in London that has a whole range of bras for women with larger cups.

Bravissimo strapless bra

Bravissimo’s strapless bra is as beautiful as it is functional. It comes in sizes 30-38 DD-J and has three different types of cups: regular plunge (which is what I chose), half cup which covers less of the bust, and full cup which covers more but doesn’t open as wide on the sides. The bra is made of black mesh with red lace trimming and a pattern on the cups that’s reminiscent of the look of scales (gorgeous!). It’s light-weight and made out of flexible material that doesn’t feel like any sort of constriction; instead it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. The cups are spacious enough to accommodate my ample cleavage, but they aren’t so large as to make the bra feel unsupportive.

strapless bra back

The best part was how easy it was to put on; the clip in the back is sturdy and does not feel like it will come undone accidentally. Unlike most strapless bras, this one didn’t slip down at all during the night—I was able to dance freely without worrying about what would happen when I went for a dip in my partner’s arms!
If you haven’t used before here is the tips and tricks for how stick on bra works.

Bravissimo Sleep Bra

I love this sleep bra for so many reasons! It accomplishes two things that I really need: comfortable sleepwear and protection from my straps. The first thing I noticed about Bravissimo bras are how soft and smooth it is. Its fabric is a satin-feel material that has a bit of stretch to it. I loved the texture of this bra, especially after wearing a lace one with scratchy tags all day. The fabric also helps reduce jiggling while sleeping, which is great if you tend to be a little top heavy during the night.

Bravissimo sleep bra

These cups have very light padding, which you might not think of as being very supportive in comparison to other sleep bras on the market, but it’s all I need to feel supported when sleeping. If you’re looking for something that you can do jumping jacks in, you might want to try another style, but this bra works just fine for me. There isn’t a whole lot of projection in these cups, so if you have wide set breasts or are on the end of needing a larger cup size, you could experience some slippage during the night.

The band fit well around my ribcage and held its place throughout the day without riding up or rolling off my shoulders.


Bravissimo bras offers really were designed to give big busted women the right level of comfort and support that they need. The styles are an improvement on many of the other models available and the subtle touches are something that all women with bigger busts should be aware of. Their selection is also something that cannot be overlooked. The fact that they design all of their own bras and see to it that they fit properly means that you’re less likely to run into any sizing issues.

The reason I would suggest Bravissimo bras to a friend is that they high quality, comfortable, stylish and affordable bras. Bravissimo bras provide a great range of sizes for those bigger busted ladies and at no extra cost.The staff are friendly and helpful, making you feel welcome as soon-as you walk though the door. Personally I think they are the best option out there for those with bigger busts who are looking to purchase a good quality bra with plenty of choice at an affordable price.

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