3 Things to Consider When Buying Denier Tights

3 Things to Consider When Buying Denier Tights 1

If you’re new to denier tights, you might be wondering what “denier” means and why it’s important to consider when buying your next pair.

What Denier Means?

When purchasing tights, you’ll probably come across the term “denier,” which refers to the thickness of the fabric. If you’ve ever had a pair of really thick tights that seem like they’re going to last forever, or a pair of cheap pantyhose that feel too thin, denier is what makes tights this way. The higher the denier, the thicker and more durable your tights will be.

The higher the denier, the stronger and less likely to get snagged. However the thicker and less likely to breathe. When choosing tights or stockings, there are three things to consider:


The first thing to consider when choosing tights is how opaque they will be when worn over your legs. Different people have different preferences in this area. While it’s very much a matter of personal taste, it can also depend on what you plan to wear them with. If you need something that will work well with shorts or skirts, then going with a lighter denier might be best. If you want something that won’t show so much through pants or dresses, then getting something more opaque may be more appropriate.


The second aspect of choosing tights is comfort. This can mean many different things depending on the individual. How much elasticity do you prefer, what kind of reinforced toes do you like, are you looking for sheer or opaque tights, etc. Comfort factors are unique to the wearer and will be influenced by your preferences and past experiences with tights.

In my experience, the most important factor in choosing comfortable tights is how flexible they are at the top. If you worry that your thighs may rub against each other while you’re wearing them—and who isn’t?—make sure there’s enough give in the fabric to accommodate a bit of wiggle room. If you’ve got a wide waistline, look for tights with a little more space in the midsection to avoid any constrictive feeling around your tummy.


Are you looking for solid black tights or do you prefer a tinted color? Tinted colors can go with any outfit and create a fun twist to your look!

For the most versatility, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black tights. But if you’re looking for a subtle way to liven up your outfits, try tinted ones instead—a variation on the classic black. They can be a great way to brighten up your winter wardrobe. The most common color is “skin tone”. It adds an extra layer of warmth and complements your skin but doesn’t look too bright. If you want something more striking than that, there are also options for colored tights.

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Hosiery denier comparison

Denier, or “den”, is a measurement of the thickness of the fiber used in hosiery. Higher denier numbers meaning the material is more opaque with a higher quality. Tights made from 100% nylon are generally available in den sizes from 5 to 140. Here below you can find a chart.

denier tights chart

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