3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Brazilian Panties

3 Facts You Didn't Know About Brazilian Panties 1

Brazilian panties are the pinnacle of all sexy lingerie, and for good reason. They hug every curve in just the right way, but still show enough skin to make you want more. This is great for people who are comfortable with their bodies, but it’s also a great alternative for women who don’t necessarily like the feel of full-coverage panties (who can blame them? I’m not a fan myself). Brazilian panties are still sexy and attractive, but they’re just a little less intense than other options.

Brazilian panties have been increasing in popularity with women who have a desire to make a sensual statement. Brazilian underwear provides an elegant and beautiful approach that far exceeds the boring undergarments that most people wear on a day-to-day basis. If you are looking for something unique in an industry seemingly full of commonality, Brazilian underwear will deliver for you every time. This is why Brazilian underwear fits well as a gift or for personal indulgence, as it offers something different from others with its kinky designs and sensual appeal.

brazilian cut

Here are 5 facts that even a veteran Brazilian-panty wearer might not know:

The Origin of Brazilian Panties

The name of the garment comes from its origin in Brazil. The Brazilian cut takes inspiration from the barely-there swimwear favored on the beaches of Rio. The popularity of the Brazilian panty has spread internationally since then, but Brazil is still its biggest market by far.

seamless brazilian panty

The Brazilian panty has a few defining characteristics that set it apart from other types of panties. It is shorter than regular underwear, with a very high waistline (sometimes higher than the bellybutton), and it provides light coverage while being very revealing through its thin material.


Brazilian-style bikini briefs, their more conservative cousins, are a popular and easy alternative to the thong, providing a discreet amount of coverage for those who want it. They’re also known as “panties with a front seam,” though that’s less common.

The name “Brazilian” is so named because these undies are a direct descendant of bikinis—briefs were created to eliminate visible panty lines under clothing, and the name stuck despite their different uses. The fabric itself can be plain or patterned, with or without lace. Seamless panties are also a great choice for brazilian panties. Brazilian briefs aren’t designed to be especially revealing, but they do provide more coverage than traditional bikini panties.

Colorful Design Choices

For years, the only Brazilian panties available online were in black and white, with a solid tan color on the back. The common perception was that there was no such thing as colorful, fun Brazilian panties—and if there were, they weren’t made with quality fabrics or craftsmanship.

3 piece colorful brazilian panties

There’s a major misconception about Brazilian-style underwear being exclusively made with polyester, which is not true: cotton is by far the most common material for bikinis, thongs and high-waist briefs. Some high-end retailers offer silk or microfiber materials for an additional cost.

Made from just about every material imaginable, Brazilian panties can be found in a tremendous variety of cuts, fabrics, and colors. Younger women usually prefer thongs or G-strings or other designs that accentuate their figures. Women older than 25 tend to go for traditional bikini briefs which give more support yet are still sexy. Popular materials include cotton and silk, with lace and mesh thrown into the mix as well.

Brazilian Panty vs Thong

The Brazilian cut bikini underwear is the most popular style of underwear for women. It is sometimes also called a thong or a g-string, but it is actually different from those two.

The Brazilian cut bikini underwear is more modest than a thong or a g-string, but it has more coverage than a tanga, cheeky or classic bikini.

Brazilian cut bikinis can be compared to thongs because they are both minimalistic and have very little fabric covering the butt and crotch area.

However, a Brazilian cut bikini is not as revealing as a g-string because it covers the butt completely and part of the upper thighs (the g-string covers only the butt).

The Brazilian panties are also not like tangas, cheeky or classic bikini panties because they have more fabric covering the buttocks and crotch area.

A tanga typically has about 1 inch of fabric covering the buttocks (and usually no fabric at all covering the crotch area) while a cheeky bikini has about 2 inches of fabric covering the buttocks. A classic bikini has 4 to 5 inches of fabric covering the buttocks. The Brazilian cut bikinis cover more than that: they can have anywhere between 5 and 7 inches of fabric covering the buttocks.

Overall, Brazilian panties represent Brazil’s growing infatuation with the beauty of their women and culture. Brazilian underwear is fun and lively, with a focus on the carefree lifestyles that Brazilians live every day. When it comes to lingerie and underwear, if you know what sex looks like you don’t need to ask.

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