Journelle: Luxury Lingerie Review


Journelle is a unique designer lingerie selection that provides fashion-forward women with the most intriguing products and services in the industry. By combining a wide selection of luxury items with unparalleled customer service, the boutique is able to provide their customers with an experience unlike any other.

Journelle is a New York based retailer, and their NYC location is where I had my fitting experience. The staff working was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Their fitting process is thorough and professional. The staff helped me pick out lingerie that fit my personal style, which was less revealing than what I had previously been wearing.

There are many factors that make Journelle stand out from other luxury lingerie stores. They offer expert fitting services as well as an online shopping service; this means customers can purchase products online or at their store in NY.

About The Brand

Journelle is a company that specializes in intimate apparel, including bras and panties. They provide luxurious lingerie to women, and their products are made with only high-quality materials. The brand also offers a variety of sizes to accommodate anyone’s needs.


Journelle was established in 2013. Currently the owner is Guido Campello, who previously worked for the luxury lingerie brand Cosabella. His wife, Sapna Palep, is also a well known dermatologist.

Journelle carries an assortment of designers and styles, from their own original line to what they call “classics” like Cosabella and Natori.

They’re a boutique of lingerie, swimwear and loungewear that defies any category. They carry luxury brands alongside their own label of everyday luxury.” And what exactly is Journelle’s sense of everyday luxury? Think of it as a way to elevate an everyday outfit by giving it the perfect undergarments.


Journelle is a luxury lingerie brand with a focus on providing high-quality products and customer service. Their signature is offering intimate apparel at an approachable price point so that women can wear luxurious lingerie that feels like it’s worth every penny.


Their prices for bras are around $100, which is higher than the average price for bras. However they integrate contemporary styles and fabrics with vintage details to make a timeless, classic feel without sacrificing comfort or quality. So that you can use the garment for long years without any tears.

Why You Should Consider Buying Journelle

Journelle is the lingerie brand that is perfect to give your partner as a gift. It is a personal luxury choice and present for the person who loves exquisitely made, well-constructed, pretty lingerie. Their style ranges from sporty and sexy to subtle and sophisticated, so you can be sure of finding something appealing to any woman. The company also offers a personalized fitting service – exceptional considering most retailers don’t do this.

Journelle Natalia Ouvert Panty Review

I fell in love with Journelle’s Natalia Ouvert Panty the moment I put it on. The fabric is incredibly soft – more so than any other panty I have worn before. The waistband is wide and stays in place without being constricting. And unlike some of my other favorite panties, this doesn’t fade or pill, even after many washes! They’re comfortable and pretty while also maintaining their shape. It has a luxury lace details with a cut out back. This is the perfect way to add a little extra touch of sexiness


Journelle is a good choice if you prefer your lingerie to be of high quality, with a high price tag. They offer a wide range of styles, and their collection is changing frequently to reflect the latest lingerie trends. Their pieces are made in small batches, which lends these designs an exclusive feel and quality. The designs themselves are beautiful, but the price point may be off-putting for some shoppers. For the right shopper, Journelle could be a great choice that’s sure to satisfy anyone’s needs in terms of design, fit and overall value.

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