Snag Tights: Are They Worth the Money?

snag tights

As you’d expect with anything that’s popular these days, there are hundreds of reviews and opinions to sift through. But the underlying question still remains: Are Snag Tights worth the money? I’ve got 20 pairs in my drawer so I can certainly say they are. But before you rush out and buy a bunch, let’s take a look at some of the reviews and see what they have to say.

One reviewer said: “I bought two pairs from and was extremely pleased. They were true to their size chart, very well made and comfortable. The only downside is that you can’t buy them in stores”. Another reviewer said: “I think these are great tights for the price and will be buying more soon.”

Others found the fit to be perfect, which is not uncommon with stretchy products like this one. One person even said she was able to put on three pairs at once without any discomfort or riding up! So what about those who don’t like them? Well there were a few complaints about having to pay shipping costs. Overall people seemed happy with how well made these tights were for such low prices.”

My Personal Experience With Snag Tights

The first time I tried on a pair of Snag Tights was about three years ago, when a friend gave me her only “good” pair to wear under my wedding dress. Up until that point, the only tights I had worn were from Walmart or Target. Here is my review of other lingerie brands. Since then, I have bought one or two pairs of tights every year, depending on how well the previous ones have held up.

snag tights

I have been a fan of Snag Tights for a while now, but it’s not because I’m in love with them. It’s because they’ve been able to hold up better than any other tights I’ve tried. They’re comfortable and stretchy enough to wear all day, and their seams are thick enough to resist tearing when you bend down (which is more important than you might think). The fabric is also thick enough that you can’t see through them—even if they get hole in them. They’re available in different colors and styles, which makes it easy to match your outfit.

snag tights

The major downside is the price: $13 per pair. That’s why I usually wait until they go on sale—and even then, I don’t buy more than one or two pairs at a time!

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