How To Organize Lingerie?

How To Organize Lingerie? 1
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Lingerie should be treated like clothing, not like something to be thrown away and it is important to know how to organize your lingerie. It lasts much longer when taken care of properly.

It is common to purchase lingerie at the beginning of the year and get rid of it by the end. But, if you treat it like clothing and know how to organize lingerie, it will last much longer.

There are several ways to organize your drawers: by color or by type, and we will go through all of these.

But firstly start by updating your lingerie wardrobe and go through the things you have looked at in the past 6 months, try them all on if necessary, and throw out any pieces that are no longer in good shape.

Secondly divide your lingerie into categories like bra, hosiery or slips and create each category a place in your drawer. Especially for bras so you can lay them out instead of folding the cups into each other. By this way they will warp the shape over time.

organize lingerie

You can use drawer dividers or lingerie hangers to use your drawer effectively.

How To Organize Lingerie? 4

There are also other ideas how to organize lingerie

First way is, you could follow the organizing principle called “frequency of wear”. If you wear something, it should be within easy reach. This would mean you should put all the clothes that you wear most frequently at the front of your drawer. Or you could put in an easy-to-reach box. For example, you would put everyday bras and underwear at the front of your drawer because you are wearing them everyday.

Another way to organize your bra is by color, pattern, or fabric type. You could also find a system that works for you. Like stacking them in order by size from smallest to largest so it’s easier to grab one without having.

You can  also divide your drawer into two sections and place your bras on one side and your panties on the other. But try to keep your matching sets together, and store them, along with your frillier. And put your more expensive pieces, in a separate place.

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