My Thirdlove Bra Experience

thirdlove bra models

Let’s face it. Finding the right bra is a real pain in the you-know-what! I’ve been shopping for bras for ages. And I always had to go to at least three stores before finding one that fit me correctly (side rant-why do they even make me try on the padded ones?). It got quite frustrating, especially since I’m not exactly Kate Moss with the perfect hourglass curves. So, if you’re like me and haven’t found the right bra, you should know that there is a new solution out there. It’s called ThirdLove.

About the Thirdlove

thirdlove bra models

ThirdLove wants to change all of that. The e-commerce startup is taking a 21st-century approach to bra shopping by offering women a way to buy bras online and find their size through the company’s proprietary fit finder—all without even trying them on.

In April 2013, Heidi Zak and Ra’el Cohen launched ThirdLove—a brand that introduced half-sizes in its bras and a 60-second fit finder for finding the perfect size.

ThirdLove is a great choice for women looking to change their bra game. The site’s survey format ensures that you’ll get bras that actually fit your body. On website you can search for bras by size, fabric, color and brand. ThirdLove uses a Fit Finder quiz to get the measurements necessary to match you with the right bra size and shape for your body.

Bra Fitting Room – How It Works

The experts at ThirdLove recommend that you have a professional bra fitting if you’ve had a significant weight change, if you’re pregnant or nursing. Even if your breasts just aren’t feeling supported by your current bra. To find out which size you are currently wearing, check our bra size chart. But if none of those apply to you, fill out the questionnaire on ThirdLove’s website.

My experience ordering a ThirdLove bra was more than pleasant. I ordered my first one at the end of September, using their virtual fitting room to find my size. I liked the way this method worked.

Let’s start with our fitting room experience:

First step, website asks you to choose your favorite bra brand and the size that you are currently wearing for that specific brand.

As a second step, website asks you to choose how that bra fits you. Are there any gaps or if the straps are too tight etc.

After completing the form then, they send me an email with the correct size which I should be wearing and bra types that would fit me perfectly.

ThirdLove’s shipping was okay — my first order arrived within 10 days. I did not encounter any problems with my order, but shipping would have been faster.

I personally think their color options and designs are quite limited, I would like to see more vibrant colors.

Overall I do like how the bra fits and feels during the day, it fit me well. The bras of Thirdlove is perfect for daily use because they are quite comfortable to wear it. However I would not wear them on a special night. Hopefully, they will expand their styles in near future.

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