5 Gothic Lingerie Designs You Should Know

gothic lingerie

Gothic lingerie, to put it simply, is for all those girls who like to be different and also want to feel great. Unique styles, elegant patterns and quality materials are the main and most important parts of this brand. Gothic lingerie is for those gals, who are into alternative approach to their style and eroticism. It’s offering distinctive style and top quality materials.

Until recently, I had no idea that the world of the Goths was so intimately connect to eroticism and sexiness. Goths have always been open to sexuality and sensuality and have never shied away from expressing their sexuality. Goth lingerie inspire from the Victorian era through today.

In past generations, it was quite common for members of the Goth community to be involved in BDSM or B&D play. But this practice was not accepted outside the closed doors of their little Gothic communities. Today though, we see an open acceptance of these practices through mainstream media, especially in music videos and films. The clothing worn by members of these cultures also show a great deal of sensuality as well as some very intricate details when it comes to lace patterns and sheer lingerie materials.

Gothic Lingerie Designs You Should Know

Whether you’re looking to add a little something extra to your wardrobe or just want a fun, unique look for an upcoming event, gothic lingerie designs may be the perfect option. Gothic lingerie has been around for centuries and is still popular today. You can find corsets, body harnesses with feathers, exotic lingerie sets, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular gothic lingerie designs that you should know about!


Corsets are one of the most iconic pieces of gothic lingerie available. A corset is essentially a form-fitting piece of clothing that covers from the waist up, often with lacing in the back for easy adjustments. Corsets are usually made of leather or lace and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be worn over a dress for an extra layer or all by themselves if you’re feeling daring.

SHAPERX Womens Steampunk Gothic Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Corsets

5 Gothic Lingerie Designs You Should Know 2

haperyx has a number of underbust corsets, but the one that they call the steampunk corset is both unique and versatile. It’s a steel boned underbust corset with a retro-meets-futuristic aesthetic that makes it perfect for steampunk cosplay, or just to wear out as part of your everyday apparel. The material is durable enough that you can wear this underbust corset for years on end without it showing any signs of wear and tear, which is more than can be said about some of the other brands available today.

Gothic Steampunk Steel Boned Lace-up Waist Corset

5 Gothic Lingerie Designs You Should Know 4

This corset is made of high quality cotton fabric, breathable and air permeability. It has steel boned on the inside and laces up on the back for a perfect fit.

This corset is perfect for a steampunk outfit or Halloween costume. It can be adjusted to fit a waist size from 22-32 inches.

Charmian Sexy Strapless Floral Embroidery Gothic Corset

5 Gothic Lingerie Designs You Should Know 6

Charmian Sexy Strapless Floral Embroidery Gothic Corset brings you a lovely and charming corset with a vintage style. It is composed of pure cotton and high-quality polyester, which makes it soft and elastic. This kind of material will make you feel comfortable when you wear it. Also, the intricate embroidery design highlights the unique personality of ladies. The corset’s underbust is adjustable to fit your different figures.

Body Harness

Another popular piece of gothic lingerie is body harnesses with feathers. These pieces feature straps that connect all around your body, creating an eye-catching effect with bright feathers attached to them. The feathers come in different lengths, so you can customize your look however you’d like. These pieces are great if you want to make a statement at a party or special event without wearing too much clothing!

Feathers Body Harness Lingerie Full Strappy Cage Garter Belt Set

5 Gothic Lingerie Designs You Should Know 8

Exotic Lingerie Sets

Exotic lingerie sets are also gaining popularity among those who enjoy the gothic style. These sets typically consist of two pieces—a top and bottom—made from sheer fabric such as lace or mesh. The tops usually have intricate details such as ruffles on the neckline and straps for extra support while the bottoms have high waists and adjustable ties for added comfort and ease when changing out of them later on.

Red Velvet Sexy Hollow Lingerie

5 Gothic Lingerie Designs You Should Know 10

If you’re looking for something sexy to wear under your Valentine’s Day outfit, or if you’re hoping to treat your special someone to something that’s as hot as they are, look no further than this stunning red velvet lingerie set!

Gothic Lingerie Set

5 Gothic Lingerie Designs You Should Know 12

Exotic lingerie sets come in all shapes and colors, from the sexy and demure to the playful and bold. At the end of a long day, nothing will make you feel better than slipping into a sexy black lace set or a more playful set in bright colors. Many lingerie sets also come with matching pieces like stockings, garters, g-strings, and more! 

Anime Inspired Lingerie Set

5 Gothic Lingerie Designs You Should Know 14

Are you a fan of the art style and characters from anime? Maybe you’ve dreamed about dressing up as your favorite character for Halloween, or just to feel pretty and powerful like them. If so, we have something for you — an anime inspired lingerie set that will make you look and feel stunning! This daring piece was created with fans of Japanese manga and anime in mind, who want to show off their love while feeling confident in their own skin. With its bold colors, intricate design details, flattering styles, and alluring fabric combinations, this lingerie set is perfect both as a creative expression or romantic nightwear. Whether it’s the bright eye-catching shades or the charming characters running across each item that draws your attention — it’ll definitely spark conversations wherever it takes center stage!

Gothic lingerie designs are not only beautiful but also incredibly comfortable to wear! There are so many options available that it can be difficult to choose just one piece; however, corsets, body harnesses with feathers, and exotic lingerie sets are three of the most popular gothic lingerie designs that you should know about if you’re considering adding these pieces to your wardrobe. With their unique styles and intricate details, they will definitely make any outfit stand out!

Gothic Lingerie On Amazon

Gothic fashion is a niche market, which means that you have to seek out specialty shops and online stores if you want to find what you’re looking for. The upside is that the options are often incredibly unique—you can get pieces that are handmade with high-quality materials, or you can find the perfect vintage clothing item with a history to it. It’s also a great way to discover talented designers who may not be big names yet.


The downside of this kind of shopping is that most mainstream places won’t carry anything goth enough for your tastes. If you’re into the more stylized end of the spectrum, there are plenty of options on Amazon.

The options are pretty much endless on Etsy as well, Etsy lingerie, where hundreds of sellers craft their own clothing and accessories to your specifications. You may have to do a little hunting, but once you find a store that specializes in the kinds of items you love.

Final Thoughts on Gothic Lingerie

Lingerie is so much more than a collection of tips and tricks to achieve a unique look. At the core, lingerie is an art form that comes out of the desire to express oneself, be it through something as simple as a new set of underwear or as complicated as a full-on personalized piece.

Finally, allow me to offer one final word of advice. If you’re looking for a piece of Gothic lingerie that you can also wear under your day-to-day clothes, I would suggest something with a softer, flowing silhouette. Silks and other soft fabrics are also important—you want to avoid pieces that are too stiff or tight-fitting if you’re going to be wearing them underneath ordinary clothes.

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