Open Cup Bra – The Ultimate In Sexy!

open cup bra

If you’re looking for something sexy to wear this summer, look no further than the open cup bra! The open cup bra is the ultimate in sexy and has a myriad of uses.

From a practical perspective, open cup bras are a lot more comfortable than traditional bras. They’re great for wearing under clingy or sheer material. You don’t have to worry about the delicate material snagging on your bra straps. There’s also less bulkiness and the need for extra padding. So you can feel free to go braless without anyone noticing!

What is an open cup bra called?

You’ve probably heard the term “open cup bra” before. You may have even heard it from people who don’t know what it means. But what exactly is an open cup bra?

An open cup bra is also called a cupless bra or quarter cup bra. A cupless bra is named because the cups are cut away in an upside-down V shape, revealing the wearer’s nipples.

Open Cup Bra - The Ultimate In Sexy! 2

Open cup bras may technically only reveal one breast per garment. You can make it work for both if you’re wearing something low-cut enough that you can show a sliver of skin where the two halves meet. Open bust bras, which is just as accurate, although this term isn’t as well-known as open cup. Since these bras typically reveal more skin than other bras do, it’s still okay to wear them with certain outfits (like low-cut tops). But you should always be mindful of how much skin you’re showing and act appropriately for any situation you’re in.

Open Cup Bra - The Ultimate In Sexy! 4

Open cup bras come in all different styles. Go seamless for an ultra-glam look, or get one with lace details if you’re feeling more playful. You can choose between strapless, halter, racerback, and more—no matter what style you choose, they’re sure to be an upgrade from your average undergarment.

Different Open Cup Bra Types

Open Cup Bra

Open Cup Bra - The Ultimate In Sexy! 6

Quarter Cup Bra

Open Cup Bra - The Ultimate In Sexy! 8

Quarter-cup bras feature cups that cover the lower half of your bust, with the highest point reaching almost to your nipple. As these bras only seem to give you something for your breasts to rest on instead of covering them (hence their other name: shelf or platform bras), they considered an inferior option by women who have small busts and seek more support from a bra’s construction.

Cut Out Bra

Open Cup Bra - The Ultimate In Sexy! 10

Cut out bras are a huge trend right now in the world of lingerie. They’re an easy way to update your clothes rotation and add some sex appeal to your outfits. It has a cut out section on nipples.

open cup bra

Strappy Bra

Open Cup Bra - The Ultimate In Sexy! 13

Strappy bra has straps of this bra run across the top or bottom. If you’re like me, you probably have a collection of strappy bras that you keep around for special occasions. However, instead of just going with the same style each time, it might be fun to play around with the different options out there.

open cup bra

Half Cup Bra

Open Cup Bra - The Ultimate In Sexy! 16

The half cup bra is a great option for women who want to keep their breasts covered. But at the same time looking for a little less support than a full cup.

half cup bra

What is the point of an open cup bra?

There are actually two main purposes of a shelf bra, and they are both related to how it looks under clothing. One is to reveal the breasts while keeping them lifted by the support of the shelf bra. The other is to expose the breasts while keeping them lifted by the support of the shelf bra, so that the nipples become more noticeable. A shelf bra can also be decorative and sexy in its own right. Women who wear them often do so because they enjoy their appearance under clothing as much as they enjoy how they look without clothing.

Things To Consider Before Buying Open Cup Bra


One of the trickiest parts about finding a good open cup bra is getting the right bra size. Your chest area can be pretty sensitive. You don’t want to deal with something that’s too tight or too loose. You may have heard that you should buy bras one size up, but in reality, this doesn’t apply to open cup bras. If anything, you should try to choose a larger size rather than smaller. You’ll get a better fit that way.

Remember that the band is what provides most of the support for an open cup bra (and any bra, for that matter). The band should be snug without being too tight, and it shouldn’t feel like it’s digging into your skin. The straps will help to provide some additional support as well. So make sure they’re wide enough to distribute weight evenly across your shoulders. In addition to this, you’ll probably want to opt for a larger size if you’re between band sizes. You may find that it takes quite a few tries before you find something that fits right.


The open cup bra is a sexy and stylish underwear choice, but it’s not necessarily the most functional for everyone. The mere thought of having your breasts exposed can be daunting, particularly if you’re feeling insecure about them or don’t want to make a “statement” with your clothing. It can also be problematic depending on the situation: while some people might prefer the comfort of an open cup bra when lounging at home, they may prefer a more traditional underwire bra when going out.

This kind of bra is best for someone who doesn’t mind the exposure, likes to make a statement, and either wants something comfortable or doesn’t care much about support. If you’re someone who is self-assured and likes to show off, this could be the right fit for you

Open Cup Bras are a unique type of bra that are alluring and sexy without the use of push-up padding or silicon. These bras will flatter and support your breasts, while still showing off sexily. Also, the straps on this type of bra aren’t adjustable, so they will extend to fit all women regardless of size or bust size. The open cup bra is one way to make the most out of a wardrobe that you enjoy. The trick is finding the right one and adjusting your lingerie accordingly. We tried to provide details on these types of bras, along with many other types, so it’s a great place to start if you like them.

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