Soma Bras – 6 Most Asked Questions About Them

soma bras

Soma bras are the most comfortable, most supportive, and most leak-free bras on the market. Many women have found them to be life-changing. Soma bras are often a hot topic of conversation among women. However the truth is that most of us don’t know much about them. What’s the difference between Soma and regular brands? Are they comfortable? We’ve heard your questions, and we’d like to cover five of the most common ones here. Here you can find more lingerie brand reviews.

Are Soma bras worth the money?

If you’re on a really tight budget, you might wonder if it’s better to go for cheaper brands or to stretch your dollar and buy Soma. While Soma bras are priced lower than some of their competitors, they’re still more expensive than some of the cheapest options out there. So is it really worth it to go with the pricier option?

Soma Bras

Whether you choose cheap bras or Soma ones depends on what’s most important to you. If price is your biggest consideration, then this decision will be easy for you. Here you can find our guide to finding good cheap bras.

But if quality is your biggest priority, then let’s take a look at how quality plays into the pricing differential between Soma and other brands.

Does Soma take old bras?

Yes, Soma accepts old and new bras to support I Support Girls Organization. This organization provides bras and menstrual products to women in need. You will also receive $10 to use in Soma Boutique’s.

Are Soma bras sized differently?

A lot of people ask whether Soma bras are sized differently than other brands. The short answer is no.

If you wear a 34B in other brands, then a 34B in Soma will fit you perfectly. Just like with most other brands, though, if you’re between sizes or have a larger rib cage and aren’t wearing the right size, you’re likely to find that Soma don’t feel quite as supportive as they could be.

Soma Bras

Does Amazon sell Soma bras?

Soma bras are one of the most popular brands of bra in the world, but unfortunately, they’re not sold on Amazon. However, this isn’t a huge problem. If you want one of their pretty bras, you can simply find a boutique that sells them in-person and do your shopping online.

Soma Bras

Can you try on bras at Soma?

You can! They have a special fitting way called “Smart Bra”. The garment is similar to a sports bra, but with an electronic chip in the back. When you put it on, the chip immediately measures your circumference and cup size using four lines of wire stitching around your body. The results will be available on store associates iPad and they can advise you the perfect fit bra for your body.

comfortable bra

Is Soma comfortable?

Of course, the comfort level is pretty subjective. But in this case, it’s based on a combination of how well they fit, and how comfortable their materials are. Most women who wear Soma report that they’re very easy to put on and take off, which I guess just means your bra is working as it should. As for keeping things comfy, most women seem to agree that Soma bras are soft and offer all-day comfort.

sports bra


Customers using Soma are overwhelmingly happy with them. Lots of people are extremely happy with the comfort and support these bras provide. They enjoy being able to adjust the straps ot fit their unique body shape. It is worth noting that the sizing information on their site is a bit more complicated than some of the other brands we’ve discussed, so be sure to measure yourself well and take all of this into account before you order a product.

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