Sexy Football Player Costume Isn’t Just For Halloween

sexy football player costume

The halloween has already past, I recently came across this cute girl football player costume. I thought that I should give it this sexy football player costume a try.

I could be the biggest football fan you could ever meet. Totally love the rush and excitement it gives me, especially watching my favorite teams. My husband and I have a standing date on Sundays to watch our favorite team playing. We always look forward to the weekend just so we can watch the game. So when I saw this costume on Redromantic Lingerie I decided to dress up as a cute girl football player.

This costume has everything you need. It’s comfortable and best of all it’s versatile so you can wear it for Halloween or any other special occasion.

The Texture

Sexy Football Player Costume I love this outfit! The texture, the body it gives me, the way it feels on my skin when I wear it, I feel sexy and sassy in it! It hugs my curves beautifully, and gives me an amazing hourglass shape! I was quite concern since it is one size fits all, but it fit me perfectly. The fabric is quite stretchy I normally wear M, but I believe it will also fit you if you wear S or L.

If you are or your partner is a football lover I highly recommend it. Although the design of the costume is innovative and trendy, it has a very familiar character style. It made me feel like a cute football girl and also a fierce football team member who can really kick ass. I am proud of being both the lovable wife and an awesome football player at the same time.

If you are into bedroom costumes you should definitely check RedRomantic Lingerie’s costume collection, they have lots of variations for all price range. And If you are love to try different outfits in bedroom, here is my another review for wet look lingerie trend.

If you love football as much as we do, then this is going to be your favorite Halloween costume on next Halloween, I guarantee it.

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