How Do You Wear Torpedo Bra ?

torpedo bra

You may not know it, but if you love torpedo bra, you are in good company. Many women adore these undergarments, which are actually a little bit of lingerie history that is making a comeback. It has been around since the 1950s and there were some who wore them as outerwear back then.

torpedo bra

The torpedo bra was popular by Madonna in her “Material Girl” days when she sang about having expensive tastes. This type of bra was also in movies like Red Shoe Diaries and Pretty Woman. They’re a special kind of bra that has a unique design and look. Many women still love wearing today. Even celebrities like Rihanna wear bullet bras on stage while they perform.

Torpedo Bra Is Coming Back

Torpedo bras were a popular trend in the 1950s and 1960s and I have seen people trying out this style lately. The way they work is pretty ingenious, actually. However, this bra stand out too much and often isn’t flattering on every body type. Torpedo bras are a type of push-up bra that give you large breasts. They’re also known as bullet bras or cone bras.

Torpedo bras have small cones made of plastic (usually polyester) sewn into the fabric cups that stick out to create an illusion of having larger breasts. The cone shape is similar to a bullet, hence the name.

torpedo bra

The cones are usually arranged along the top and bottom edges of the cups and point toward the center of your body. This helps them direct attention to your cleavage area and creates the appearance of fuller breasts.

When you wear a bullet bra with low neckline, it creates an hourglass silhouette by drawing attention downward toward your waistline and away from your torso.

Bullet bras are generally not suitable for women who have large breasts. They can create an unnatural look by pushing up more tissue than what’s already there, which can make your bust look larger than it actually is.

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